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Our Services

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Music Production for Product Films & Commercials



We will help you with our production to enhance the value of your product films or commercials. Our goal is to create a perfect transition between moving picture and sound. The intersection point must translate a perfect synergy, so the potential target audience gets the desired image of your company or product. This will maximize the returns on the audio investments. 

We will propose different strategies for how we can reach that goal together.

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Music Composition for Cinema & TV Productions


We will develop concepts for you to convey your emotions and ideas to your audience through targeted strategies and the best sound & music solutions. Our compositions will be a perfect symbiosis between image and sound. Everything from classical orchestral sound to cutting edge electronic music is possible. 

We will put together creativity and production mastery to complete the journey you want to propose to your audience. 

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Audio Branding & Logo Identity

We will bring into your brand creative and meaningful audio elements that will render your company a unique and complex identity.

Our research team will study your target group’s behavioral patterns and the effects that you want to achieve, finding the best tools and connection points in order to increase brand recognition by stimulating memories and emotions.

As a result, we create a singular concept which makes a permanent mental connection between your brand and your customers.

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Sound Design & Music Production for Video Games

We will present you with a wide range of self-designed sounds. Our technical engineer

builds custom-made instruments and analog effects which will allow us to provide you with a variety of unique FX-sounds.

Your game will have state-of-the-art music and customized sounds that refine the user experience. 


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We will use the best voices to transpose your text into an optimal sound experience that will complement the message of your product films, spots, commercials, slogans and reach your audience exactly as you imagined. 

We collaborate with a variety of professional speakers and actors, as well as native speakers for several languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Japanese etc.


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Music for Theater and Dance Performances

We will translate into music the meaning and messaging of your performance, offering you a complex and versatile tool that will interact with all the other elements of your production. 

It is our strong belief that music can succeed even where a performer fails to, and we commit to deliver a product that will be no less than an additional pillar which will support and complete the dramaturgical elements invested in your performance.